Figuratively Perceived Abstraction

“Figuratively Perceived Abstraction” is a project by Wout Neirynck about a series of abstracting filters for digital images and its capabilities to tackle artificial intelligence. The project includes a series of filters, this webapp, a publication, an essay, and a large series of imagery

I encourage you to use the filter on social media, to mislead facebook’s facial recognition, protest against instagram’s nudity policy, or google’s facial and object recognition. Please show me your results.

Read a small explanation below or read the complete essay.

Zuckerberg picture not filtered
Facebook suggesting to tag Mark Zuckerberg’s face on an unfiltered photo. Photo by Guillaume Paumier.
Zuckerberg picture filtered
Facebook not able to recognize a face on the filtered version of the image shown above.

In this theme and concept, I created a series of filters for digital images. The filter used in these images is the third of the series. When applied on an image, the filter abstracts the image in a certain way by translating the colors of the original image into geometric shapes, in this case 4 pointed stars. When the filter is applied on an image with one or multiple faces on it and then uploaded on Facebook, the latter is not able to recognize the face(s) that are shown in the picture. The abstraction bypasses the facial recognition.